shameless self-promotion

Hello there! My name is Reuben Fletcher-Costin. I enjoy writing code. This is a vanity page pointing to some of the code I've written.

If you'd like to get in touch, you can find my email address on my github page.

open source

strange things I have coded for my own amusement

  1. weighted_median - a library to compute the weighted median, in C++.
  2. hangman_cpp - a program to figure out who wins the game of "adversarial" hangman if both players play optimally. The code, written in C++, carries out a full depth alpha-beta pruned search over the game tree. There's a brief write up of the problem, the approach, and a partially complete table of computed results over here. The cases I haven't computed yet are the ones where the alpha-beta search didn't terminate after leaving my computer on overnight.
  3. abfc - a self hosting compiler for the esoteric brainfuck language, targeting GNU assembly backends for ia32 and x86_64. Actually there are two compilers in this project - the second compiler is for a python DSL macro-language that targets brainfuck. This latter compiler, implemented in python, is used to generate the source of the former self-hosting brainfuck compiler. This sure beats writing the self-hosting brainfuck compiler in brainfuck by hand.
  4. abfc_hs - a Haskell port of abfc's python DSL macro-language to brainfuck compiler. Includes a parser for the macro-language implemented using the lovely Parsec combinator library.
  5. learnmeahaskell - some early exploratory programs written to help learn Haskell. The most interesting one is a noughts-and-crosses game against the computer, featuring a crude GUI via SDL bindings and multithreading via Control.Concurrent.
  6. eve_space_trucker - a utility to plan profitable trade routes for the game Eve Online, written in C#.